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How much do I pay for a deposit?


To secure your reservation, we require a deposit within seven days of your booking, or full payment if you book within 70 days of departure (90 days for holiday cruises and 120 days for Transpacific, Asia reposition, and Round Australia). 

Some cruises require your deposit be paid on the day of reservation or within 1-7 days of making the reservation. If your deposit has not been paid before the due date, then your reservation will be automatically cancelled.

Deposit amounts vary by cruise duration:

Deposit per person

1 - 5 nights                          AUD/NZD$100

6 - 9 nights                        AUD/NZD$200

10+ nights & cruisetours   AUD/NZD$400

Transpacific, Asia Repositioning and Round Australia cruises: AUD/NZD$800 per person.

Royal Caribbean offers promotional pricing that incurs a non-refundable deposit. Please refer to the terms and conditions of the relevant promotion for further details at the time of booking.

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