Caribbean & The Bahamas

7,000 islands United Royally

Flex your sense of wonder at the crystal-clear blue sea on the Caribbean's pristine white-sand beaches. Explore ancient ruins and colonial towns, or hike tropical rainforests and hidden waterfalls. And for the ultimate adventure, you can’t miss our private island, Perfect Day at CocoCay.

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Discover the wild beauty of Europe, from the brisk beaches of Lithuania's Curonian Spit to the glistening harbors of Spain's Costa del Sol. Or watch its history come alive, whether you bear witness to eternity in Rome, trace Viking heritage on Norway's western coast or uncover Celtic folklore in Ireland and Scotland.



The last frontier

A land of rugged hills, rushing waters and undisturbed wildlife, Alaska is as big as it is wild. Whether you're watching whales splash in the Pacific Ocean, gazing up at towering ice formations like the Hubbard Glacier or journeying by train deep into the last frontier on Anchorage's Coastal Classic Railroad, Alaska is sure to quench any explorer's thirst.


Un crucero por la costa oeste incluye todos los sitios más diversos y exóticos de Norteamérica: desde la cultura llena de estrellas de California hasta las montañas de Alaska y Canadá, y desde las aguas costeras de color turquesa de Hawái hasta la cultura del surf y la cerveza de San Diego.



Explore the Mysteries of the East

From its sprawling cities to its secret valleys, Asia is packed to the brim with rich culture and natural beauty. Learn to dive in or go rock climb on Thailand's world-class beaches like Phra Nang or sunbathe on Malaysia's remote Langkawi Island. See the Great Wall nestled in China's dramatic mountainsides, or scale iconic Mount Fuji in Japan.


Embrace the island life and spend long days exploring the bountiful South Pacific oceans during your vacation. Swim with sea turtles, play with dolphins and dive with tropical fish. Visit the South Pacific Islands and channel your inner explorer and immerse yourself in the diverse cultures and untamed fauna that make each island so unique.


Specialty Cruises

Cruises that sail across the globe

Transatlantic and transpacific cruises offer a wealth of relaxing days at sea, punctuated by stops at ports that let you explore the local culture and the natural thrills of each area. Transatlantic cruises include a combination of city and island stops, taking you from Bahamian beaches to the museums and churches of European capitals. Try a transpacific cruise for unbeatable beach time and hikes among tropical landscapes.

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